The acoustic venue is Fade.
    Live music from:
    The bands venues is the Maze.
    Live music from:
    The comedy venue is The Loft.
    Live comedy from:
    • The Gramaphones - website
    • Wanda Keenan
    • Kirsty Munro - website
    • Catherine Povinelli - website
    • Lindsey and Catherine
    • Naomi Hefter
    • Claire Jones website

    The dance venue is the Lincolnshire Poacher (upstairs).
    Confirmed so far:
    • Pleased To Tease You 
    • Rose Desire Belle website
    • Retro Rexy
    • Hell on High Heelz

    The DJ venue is the Golden Fleece.
    Music from:
    • Carla  Solstice 
    • Stiff Kittens - myspace
    • Elmo
    • Blonde Pony